Company: METRIC mobility solutions AG

Industry: IT Hardware and Software
Sales: EUR 71 million

Company: KTG Agrar SE

Industry: Agriculture
Sales: EUR 326 million

iMaGe is a cooperation of two leading M&A advisory firms with a proven track record in Sino-German transactions and perfectly complementing capabilities in corporate finance (perspektiv) and legal advice (WZR). Typically, iMaGe addresses Chinese business owners and executives looking to enter the German-speaking market for the first time or intending to grow their German-speaking operations. 

We help you to participate in the global paradigm shift from “Made in China” towards “Made for China”. This transformational macro trend implies that Chinese companies are now actively expanding their once domestic production base to European countries such as Germany via acquistions in order to ultimately export goods and services from Europe to China.

Our broad experience and proven expertise delivers value throughout the Sino-German targeting and investment process. We help you to manage the intrinsic challenges of strategic actions and investments in German-speaking countries as well as their neighboring countries.